dinsdag 21 april 2015

Cazboin now available in store

Cazboin is now available in a store near you. Or, well, actually, in one online store. But this means you can order it any time you want and from any location, so in a sense it is available in any store near you. Check out all the details about price and shipping & handling on The Game Crafter site.

woensdag 15 april 2015

Buy with Bitcoins

When you buy Cazboin through the regular store channel, you will have to use regular old-fashioned cash to pay for your copy of the game.

Contact me (r2b2droiddev [@]  if you prefer to pay using Bitcoins (BTC). I will give you the current price in coins. Should you decide to buy the game for that amount, I will send you the address for payments. After receiving payment, I will send you a copy of the game through the store shipping process.

How to play (brief)

In Cazboin, players try to collect as many points as possible by playing cards. Each cards has its own points value. Each card has a certain play cost, and a die roll determines whether or not a card can be played. In addition, cards to be played must match certain cards previously played.

By playing certain action cards, players can steal good cards from opponents, or move bad cards from their own pile to an opponent's pile.

Cazboin is suitable for play with two or more players. However, if you plan to play with more than four players, be advised that you will be best off adding another pack of Cazboin cards to accomodate such a large group.

You can find the complete rules for Cazboin on the store site.

About Cazboin

Cazboin is a card game for 2-4+ players. This site contains background information, links to the store pages, rules information and anything else about the game.

Cazboin is available from The Game Crafter. You can also order directly from the author, by mailing r2b2droiddev [@] This is also the address for any questions about the game.